Graduation: A Time For Change

graduation sliderI had the honor of attending one of my student’s 5th Grade Graduation Ceremonies this week where he was chosen by the school to recite the final speech of the morning, a speech that we worked long and hard on together. (He nailed it, by the way!) I was so proud to be sitting in the audience with his family and friends looking on in admiration.

This year’s graduation theme was appropriately titled Change. Perhaps the only certainty in life, the only constant, is the fact that things will change. As I watched each 5th Grade class walk across the makeshift stage to accept their culmination certificate, some with big smiles across their faces and some with looks of apprehension of middle school days ahead, it got me thinking: Is there anything throughout the course of our lives that does not change?

I can’t figure this one out. It’s a puzzle, a mystery to me. Change permeates every act we do and every thought we think. As children, we graduate into adulthood, although some would argue we never truly grow up.  As adults, we graduate from the theoretical ideas of what career path we want into the practical realities of what our career choice truly entails. At retirement, we graduate from the stress of ladder-climbing and raising children into the relaxed routine of visits with the grand-babies and leisurely trips to the supermarket. I can’t think of a time along the way where change does not punctuate every moment.

Consistent Change: an oxymoron indeed. Maybe that’s why it is so important for us to be comfortable with this concept so that we can evolve, move forward, and continue to strive to reach our potential. For some of us that’s harder than others, and I can see how habit and routine would offer comfort and solace when most everything around us is in a state of constant fluctuation.

I believe the key is for us to recognize that change is inevitable and then to strive to  maintain an accepting mindset. If change is going to happen anyway, why not just go with it, right? So roll with the punches my friends. Be ready to change-up that life plan when things are just not working out. Because when you are open to change, you are open to acceptance. And acceptance is a very powerful tool to facilitate and navigate your journey towards success.

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