Life is Richer with SoulPancake


I love this little (getting-bigger-by-the-day) can-do site with its positive outlook and thought-provoking commentary on taboo topics. SoulPancake is the brain-child of none other than Rainn Wilson, who played the undeterred Dwight Shrute on The Office. Rainn now dedicates his days to thinking up new ways to blow our mind by rebranding stigmatized topics of conversation (like death, homelessness, and religion) into colorful, humanized anecdotes of real people with real thoughts on these heavy subjects. SoulPancake is a site of truth. It welcomes the tough questions and provides a common forum without judgment.

Moms & Dads check out the following SoulPancake creations to spark thought-provoking conversations around your dinner table. Don’t be afraid to ask those tough questions. You may be surprised by how your child sees the world.

Are you a SoulPancaker yet?

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