Give Thanks Like Little Kids

kids-thank-you-cardsNovember is my favorite month of all because it’s that time when the giving season is in full swing. I’m not so much a fan of Halloween (too scary for wimpy ole me) but the minute the calendar turns to November 1, I’m a happy camper. I love this season of Thanks. These next two months are some of the most joyful throughout the year because people, especially little kid people, are on their best behavior. They know the Elf on the Shelf has seen all, heard all, and will report all to the Big Guy in the sky.

Little kids always astound me. They are the most resilient and the most thankful of us all. They relish in the chance to get to live another day and never take for granted the opportunity to tell us why their presence in our lives is so important. Oftentimes, they even it shout it!

November is a time for family. We forgive a little more quickly and remember to say thank you a little more often. We laugh a little harder and linger around the Thanksgiving table a little longer, just to have another (well-deserved, I might add) piece of pumpkin pie. We make more of an effort to keep in touch with long-lost family and friends– reaching out just to let them know you’ve been thinking about them and to add a sweet “Happy Holidays” to their day. The hard part, of course, is keeping up that cheerfulness throughout the year: after New Years when school is in full swing, vacation days start at zero, tax season looms upon us, end of school year craziness, summer planning, and back to school again. It’s a cycle of consistent change.

Year after year we mark our calendars and look forward to this season of thanks. Year after year, we fall into the same patterns of monotony. This year, though, I’m taking a lesson from the little kids I know and extending this season of thanks throughout the next year. My goal is to be more like you guys– my students– resolved to be thankful for the simple things in life: a nice mom and dad, sisters who don’t steal my toys, play-dates with my coolest friends, and a good after-school snack.

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Christine Terry, J.D., is the Founder & Owner of Terry Tutors, a Private Tutoring, Family Coaching, and Education Advocacy service dedicated to supporting the whole student. She writes this blog as an effort to help Moms & Dads Navigate Generation Z, Honestly. Want to Know More? Head on over to


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