Collaboration for the Next Generation

The lesson that translates the most from school to life is one of Collaboration. We can’t do anything without the help of someone else and the quicker we accept this truism the better our success.

Our mission at Terry Tutors has always been Collaboration for the Next Generation. We must collaborate to get anything done: Family Meetings, Teacher Meetings, and Principal Meetings. These are just a few of the examples where our collaboration skills come in handy.

On a daily basis. we work with students struggling in school for various reasons. Oftentimes, the academic piece is a symptom of something else that is not working: a lack of motivation, a stressful family dynamic, or even a learning difference that makes learning in the traditional classroom much harder than their peers. Whatever the case, we cannot get to the bottom of this mystery alone.

Throughout our experiences working with all types of students, all types of families, and all types of schools we have learned:

  • To love working with others
  • To share our thoughts openly
  • To come to the table prepared to defend our position with passion and politeness
  • To accept that we’re not always right

The takeaway: Relish collaborating with your friends, your family, and your classmates because at the end of the day you’re judged more on how effectively you worked with others rather than on how many times you were right for the sake of being right.

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Christine Terry, J.D., is the Founder & Owner of Terry Tutors, a Private Tutoring, Family Coaching, and Education Advocacy service dedicated to supporting the whole student. Want to Know More? Head on over to


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