Interconnectedness is the Secret Sauce to Success

interconnectedness stonesInterconnectedness: the belief that all things are interdependent; that this begets that and influences the ultimate outcome by its intrinsic oneness.

The Stones are the Foundations of Success

I’m sure many of you would agree that when you look back at how you got where you are today, you can see how the dots have connected in your life. On the flip side, I’m sure you’d also agree that it’s nearly impossible to see the connections in the midst of the “dots”.

These proverbial dots serve as the stepping-stones towards success. Everything is connected and we are all connected. It is our job to teach our students that what may appear as a hardship (a stone) will ultimately give way to a better kind of ship: friendship, relationship, or partnership.

Small Connections are an Integral Piece of the Puzzle

It is these small dots that give our children a firm foundation in hard work, ethics, morals, and learning to earn a reward by assigning real value to the ultimate prize: increased confidence and greater self-worth.

Any dot from school work, to making a new friend, to asking a teacher for help, or even just learning to acknowledge that they can’t do it all by themselves creates a small piece of the bigger puzzle. Small connections. Big picture perspective.

Teaching Our Students to Connect the Dots

All too often we adults, who’ve had years of practice at connecting the dots, can’t see the forest through the trees because we are too busy trying to outrun our own anxieties and frustrations about the future. But we know how the story goes: we understand the lesson when we finally take the time to look back and see that all those stones served a greater purpose.

We realized that it was the small pieces that make up the larger whole: the conversations that we took the time to have with another, the moment that we chucked the schedule in favor of playing it by ear, the challenge we accepted even though we were unsure of whether we could actually complete it.

These are the dots that lead to real success. These are the foundational lessons that our students will learn the most from in the long run.

Christine Terry, J.D., is a Special Education Advocate & Founder of Terry Tutors. She created the One Comprehensive Wraparound Support Service for The Struggling Student by combining Academic, Behavior, and Advocacy support. Want to Know More? Head on over to


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