Playing the Long Game

Long term short termWhen it comes to education, you’ve gotta play the long game. Crawl before you walk; “sound out” before you read; listen before you speak.

In the classroom, a milestone may feel like you’ve moved the needle just a teeny tiny inch, but it’s just one small piece of the life-long puzzle.

As children grow, it seems the milestone are farther and farther apart. No more HUGE developmental leaps — the minutia is where the milestones live now.

I find this fact frustrating. Just like my kiddos, I want instant gratification. I want it now!Any delay to the next developmental, emotional, cognitive or social hurdle seems to send me down a mental spiral.

But I must remember patience — patience is where my milestone lives. Things often do not happen on my timeline, but I can always practice patience: for my students, for their parents, for myself.

I may not see the fruits of my labor right. this. very. second. But I bet I those fruits will be revealed in due time.

All in due time.

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