Have a Little Faith

CoexistYour Weekly Dose of Honesty from Terry Tutors.com: At this point you probably know that I’m a little more than obsessed with SoulPancake. It’s just so uniquely uplifting and hopeful– celebrating rather than judging the different viewpoints we all bring to the same topic of discussion. And nothing can get more heated than the topic of religion, right!

SoulPancake’s web series, Have a Little Faith with host Zach Anner, takes you on a religious roller-coaster ride. It does not judge but rather gives you the knowledge from an insider’s point of view as a way to explore an ideology for yourself. I find this non-combative approach towards religion extremely insightful and relevant in our society and culture today, especially because more teenagers, young adults, and moms and dads are choosing to not choose religion. In general, The Millennial Generation (aka Generation Y born between 1980-early 2000’s) is the first generation to overwhelmingly differentiate between spirituality and religion.  So it’s fair to say that they are more likely to raise their children without a religious affiliation too. It’s a counter-shift in our culture that’s becoming more mainstream by the minute. Even The Pope is less concerned about what religion you adhere to and more about your ability to create peace amongst yourselves and in world as a whole.

Despite whether you think Generation Y and its successors are sinners or saints for creating their own creed, the fact remains that more kids are religious-less.  Their thirst for knowledge, community, acceptance, and truth, however, remains abundantly clear.

Check out these Have a Little Faith videos: quick, fun tidbits of one person’s truth. You’ll learn cool stuff too.

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