Tapping: Help Kids Reduce Anxiety & Increase Focus Naturally

tappingEFT: Emotional Freedom Technique is all about reducing anxiety, separating the negative from positive emotions, and increasing focus and memory. It’s like acupuncture without the needles, and it’s intended to help all of us work through our stress naturally.

Kids and adults alike can use this easy technique as a way to learn why we’re experiencing negative emotions and prevent them from putting a damper on the day. For our little ones, it’s especially useful because it teaches them early on how to (1) identify triggers due to anger, anxiety, and aversion, and (2) self-regulate.

For children struggling in school, much of their daily stressors come from sources unrelated to the actual material. We all know that there are a ton of smart kids out there who fail classes because of outside factors, such as lack of peer support, isolation or low-self-esteem, and test anxiety over the prospect of failing or not remembering the material. These are typical underlying triggers that cause additional stress making it even more difficult to focus in school. To reduce the negative emotions that cause these mental blocks (and teach your kids to the same) check out these videos and resources:

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